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Grease Tank Information

New Business

Any business considering engaging in the process of food preparation and/or servicing in Montgomery Township is required to speak with MTMSA, whether the business is a property owner or tenant of an existing space.

As stated in Chapter 187 of the Montgomery Township Code, establishments engaged in activities of preparing food (see Food Service Facilities definition) for consumption available to the public, are required to submit to MTMSA a grease and food waste control plan which may include the installation of a grease interceptor outside of the facility.

Links to Township Code Sections

Chapter on Sewers – 187

Section on Grease Interceptors

The minimum size required by MTMSA is a 1,000 gallon interceptor.

Exterior Grease Trap/Oil Separator Detail

A business should complete:

This information will be reviewed by MTMSA staff and the Authority engineer who will then determine the grease interceptor requirements.  

Additionally, an application to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) may be required.  

Existing Business

Chapter 187 – Section 75 E details the requirements for existing food preparation/service facilities to meet regarding grease interceptor cleaning and maintenance.

Note that the grease interceptor must be cleaned/pumped out completely, a minimum of once every four months, or more frequently as determined by MTMSA, as needed to prevent carryover of grease into the MTMSA sewer system.

The owner of the business is required to submit maintenance records to MTMSA on a biannual basis - March 1st and September 1st of each year. Click here for the required form (form linked here)