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Biobot COVID-19 Study

MTMSA Leads the Community in COVID-19 Information...

MTMSA was selected by the CDC to be a participant in the National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS).  This is a new public health tool designed to monitor and assess COVID-19 spread.  MTMSA is one of approximately 500 entities selected in the second round of participants who are joining the already 400 participants selected in the first round.

Sewage surveillance offers a preview of changes in the presence of COVID-19 in communities. SARS-CoV-2 is shed in the feces of individuals with symptomatic or asymptomatic infections, therefore revealing its presence regardless of symptoms or access to testing. Sewage testing has been successfully used as a method for early detection of other infectious diseases, including polio. Data that is collected by the authority for this program will be analyzed by Biobot who has been selected by the CDC for this portion of the program.

MTMSA has successfully tracked the presence of COVID-19 in Montgomery Township throughout the pandemic by sampling and analyzing wastewater.  MTMSA has communicated this information to the local school district as well as the Department of Health for the Commonwealth.  The Board of MTMSA wants to assist the community in providing the data which gives leadership insight for decision making.  The Board of MTMSA is excited to be on the forefront of advances in the use of wastewater in public health and looks forward to participating in these programs and conversations in the future.