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Rates & Fees



​​​Fixed Fee: $87.59 per quarter
Variable Fee: $2.84 per 1,000 gallons of water used

Bills are issued four times per year. Each customer's quarterly bill is made up of two parts. The first part is the fixed service charge for one EDU. The fixed service charge is $87.59 for residential customers. Commercial/industrial customers are charged $87.59 for each 15,000 gallons of usage, as recorded by the W​ater Authority.

The second component of the sewer rate is the Sewer Service Charge, which is based on the amount of water usage recorded by the Water Authority. Customers are billed​​ for use of the sanitary water system at a rate of $2.84 per 1,000 gallons of water used.

For example, if your water usage for the current period is 11,000 gallons, your sewer service charge is $31.24 ($2.84 x 11). Therefore, your quarterly bill is $118.83 ($31.24 + $87.59).

Residential​ customers who use the sanitary system and obtain water from a private well are charged $133.98 per quarter.

Wood Hollow Condominiums, which are not directly billed by the Water Authority, are charged a flat rate of $118.83.

Rate revenues must cover the day-to-day expenses incurred to operate the sanitary sewer system, as well as to support ongoing MTMSA maintenance and improvements that comply with federal, state and county agencies aimed at protecting health and protecting the environment.

Any owner of a property connected to the MTMSA sanitary sewer system, including commercial properties, receives a bill. It is Authority policy to only send bills to the owner of residential properties; we do not bill tenants. Owners of connected properties are responsible for making sure that sewer bills are paid in a timely manner.

Failure to receive a sewer bill will not be considered a reason for non-payment. A message will appear on the homepage of our website when bills are mailed. Additionally, you can sign up for bills to be emailed to you via registering for an online account at your bill. 

Fee Schedules

​Lateral Inspection​$85.00
​Returned Check​$25.00
​Posting of Property $50.00
Water Shut-Off Fee$50.00
Property Lien​$350.00
Late Fee$10% of Current Bill
Sewer Certification$50.00
Grease Tank Inspection$85.00
Jetting of Sewer Line$85.00 per hour per MTMSA Employee
Authority Time to Correct Violation of Sewer Use Ordinance$85.00 per hour per MTMSA Employee


​Tapping Fees

Basins A, B, C, D, & G$4,822.00
Basin F​$4,062.00


​Special Purpose Tapping Fees

Line Street Intercepter System​$321.00
​Park Creek Drainage Basin$895.00
​Stump Road Sewer Extension​$1,293.00
Montgomery Avenue Sewer Extension$10,058.00
Kenas Road Sewer Extension$24,000.00
Stump Road Properties Sewer Extension$35,606.00